About Yummly

Yummly was launched in 2010 by foodies on a mission to develop the ultimate kitchen tool. Whether it’s finding a recipe or going to the grocery store, Yummly wants to make it easier for foodies to do what they love – cook, eat, and share!

Yummly’s mission is to be the smartest and most helpful food platform in existence.

Today, Yummly is succeeding in its mission by improving life in the kitchen for over 20 million home cooks around the world.

People often ask for the story behind Yummly.

Founder, Dave Feller got the idea for Yummly when he realized,

“I couldn’t find a way to search for recipes and

exclude anything with mustard.”

Luckily for foodies everywhere,

he decided to do something about it,

and created Yummly.